A joyful adventure on a Saturday morning.

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Every once and while, while scavenging through pandora, youtube, and short films, I come across something so wonderful and so new that it reminds me why music is such a valuable thing and so important to us as people.

Adventure is curiosity, the willingness to embrace uncertainty…wondering about the possibility of doing just one thing differently than before.

photo: Some people are so picky.

Some people are so picky.

Woah. Electrifying.. It is so unexpectedly touching. The music, the black and white look, the smiles and looks on everyone’s face. It’s just beautiful.

Perfect song for a Friday night.

The average American lifespan is 78 years = 938 months = 28,560 days = 685,440 hours = 41,126,400 minutes. Celebrate each second.

After all these years, I refuse to believe joy costs something, or that we have to get on a plane to find it, that it has to happen on our vacation, and that dreams can’t come true on a Tuesday. I don’t know what I want to be, but I don’t think it involves spreadsheets and emails and big paychecks.

I know what I’d give thanks to: I love spicy food, tipping big. I give thanks to vehicles we call homes, and living off other people’s leftovers. For evolving as a person..This one is for getting soaked by rain storms, for cereal and saturday morning cartoons as a kid, and three legged dogs who run. Walking on rocky mountain ridge-lines, and stones that skip all the way to the deepest part of the lake, and watching the golden light of the last hour of the day turn the desert into a soft, glowing place.

When I reach that final minute of that final day, I won’t think about shitty bosses, or what happened on Facebook. I’ll remember riding my bike on the city streets at night, gravel roads that stretch on forever, and all the highs and lows of family..standing in the middle of icy rivers wondering what its like to be a fish, and making pretty girls laugh..and friends. Of course, my friends.

I try to collect moments. I step back and watch the movie that is my life, for just a second, because it’s easy to miss the good stuff, the magic when it happens. I try really hard to realize it when it’s amazing, and even when it’s not.

I know something happens when you finally see a place that you’ve seen on postcards and wall calendars your whole life, and I know sometimes a beautiful dress can make a beautiful girl, just like that.

The best way to feel the ocean is to dive right into the waves, the same way you do with the ocean of people on city sidewalks.

This one is for the idea that money spent living passionately is better than any piece of gear you could buy. This one is for trying hard. For wonder.. For people who rock out in the car and have the music turned up so loud everyone else waiting in traffic can hear it.  

And coffee. Thank God for coffee.

We think our heros have to be good at throwing or catching balls, and then we sit down at a bar stool, drink beer and watch them have the time of their lives on a tv screen. My heroes are my belay partners, blind people who cross the street by themselves, and those who discover that inside, we are all capable of surprising ourselves.

We all have dreams, but they don’t mean much if we don’t act on them..if we put them in a drawer we label “someday” for when we think we’ll have more time.

I try to get out there, to go to amazing places, to have incredible conversations with incredible people. I think it all adds up somewhere, and when it does, you’re not doing something, you’re being something. And what I want to be is happy, excited and inspired…

If this doesn’t make your hands and feet sweat..


Another great weekend in Yosemite!